Environmental Education

Kauai Keiki Recycles Website


In a partnership with the County of Kauai Solid Waste Division, Storybook Theatre developed the Kauai Keiki Recycles Website. The website has been approved by Superintendant Arakaki for use during school hours. The website content is appropriate for elementary school students and offers an online, interactive Recycling Matching Game  along with a number of other downloadable, games, activities, and worksheets to help support your recycling curriculum. The website, games, activities, and downloads are free for classroom use.

The Kauai Keiki Recycles blog wants to share recycling projects that are taking place right in your classroom. If you are working on a recycling project, please contact us, so that we can share it with the world.

Da Tree rs activity book

Storybook Theatre is also proud to offer Da Tree R’s Activity book, which was developed to accompany the Kauai Keiki Recycles website and the musical, theatrical touring production, Put Opala in its Place.