Digital Recording Workshop offered at Storybook


Workshop Ad1 copyHave you ever wanted to record your own or a friends music or story? Have you ever wanted to put together a professional sounding CD or digital audio download to sell or give to your friends and family?  Now you can learn these skills locally and carry them with you throughout your whole life.


Professional Recording Artist/Technician, Russell ‘Rusty’ Faraldi will be the guest instructor for this course offering for Kauai residents from youth to seniors beginning the week of April 20, 2015 for four consecutive weeks.


“The course will be at a depth that young people and adults who have an interest in sound recording can grasp and put to use “, describes Rusty Faraldi, the instructor of the course, who has been a graduate of and lecturer at the Los Angeles Recording School in Hollywood.  Mr. Faraldi is an accomplished audio engineer who’s post production audio film credits include ‘The Astray’ (2009)  ‘Remarkable Power’ (2007) ‘The Main Attraction’ ( 2006) and numerous other sound designs, Foley, and final mix film credits dating back to to 2002.


The four week course will be offered on April 20th through May 15th, 2015 include lecture’s and laboratory work in Storybook Theatre’s recording rooms A, B, & C and other production facilities.  The course will cover Microphone Theory I & II and Midi Theory I & II (Musical Instrument Digital Interface).  Text for the course will be ‘Modern Recording Techniques’ 8th Edition by David Miles Huber and Robert E. Runstein.


“The course will be project oriented and each participant will leave the course with their own recording project in hand and a certificate of completion that will open doors of imagination and creativity for participants.”, Faraldi continues, “I am a teacher at heart and my work here on Kauai so far has shown me that young people here are eager to learn about digital recording and have lot’s of their own ideas, but this course will go deeply into the basics of recording theory and practice and hopefully, the participants will master both”.


For a course costs, syllabus, scholarship request & application form please contact Mark Jeffers at or Rusty Faraldi at .