A Lil Recording Session

Cap`n Mark, Robert and The Button Box Theatre – Recording Session

A couple of days ago, Cap’n Mark and a group called The Button Box Theatre had a little recording session in our newly painted Recording Studio. We are supper excited to see what they come up with. Stay connected and follow us on our Facebook and Instagram pages to see our latest updates.

Patreon Membership

The Storybook Theatre of Hawaii is starting a membership page with Patreon. We are offering three different membership tiers to suite all your different needs and wants. There is a $5 a month to a $25 a month membership packages. Each tier has different perks and goodies. Check out our link below to learn more.


True Ghost Stories!

The Storybook Theatre of Hawaii (STH) will be hoasting True Ghost Story Telling on Friday October 30th 2020 at 6pm. Uncle Mark Jeffers will be sharing his true ghost stories and we will also have special geust sharing some of their true spooky stories. If you have a true ghost story that you would like to share, we would love to hear it. It’s a Donation only event and if you have any questions please feel free to give us a call at 808-335-0712. We hope to hear your Spooky True Ghost Story!

Kau Kau Dessert Boxes!

This Halloween we at the Storybook Theatre of Hawaii (STH) is teaming up with MCS Grills to create a Kau Kau Dessert Box. These boxes are fill with all sorts of deliciously spooky treats just for you. Also look for a special treat in each box. Call us at 335-0712 today to order your tickets. These treats are to die for!


Storybook Theatre’s New Direction Come Visit & See The Magic Happen! Check out our link below to learn more about our Distance Learning Studio right here at the Storybook Theatre of Hawaii (STH).


Join Us For ‘Voices For Peace’ Monday At Noon Facebook & YouTube Poetry & Special Guests For All Ages!

World’s Ocean Day 2020

Join Us For World Oceans Day Live Stream!
Monday June 8th beginning at 9:00 am All Day!
On Russell the Rooster Facebook, Russell Rooster YouTube
and WWW.Storybook.org & WWW.anainahou.org
New Stories, Inflatable Marine Animal Adventures, and Caring For Our World’s Oceans with Links From Around the World!

Watch & Share Link Below

Storybook Theatre’s Summer Coloring & Enrichment Activities!

Storybook Theatre Hawaii is super happy to offer this series of educational fact sheets and coloring pages to students staying from school during the Covid-19 pandemic and other school breaks. Most of the coloring pages are accompanied by a fact sheet or article for additional learning and enrichment.

The coloring pages and fact sheets were created by Award-winning local artist and author, Monika Mira. These coloring pages have been excerpted from our larger coloring and activity books that accompany our Marine Eco Tour.

Storybook Theatre is offering $15 prize to the most creative coloring sheet returned by a student in each category. Winning entries will also be featured in our blog and newsletter. Entries for all categories are due by June 15, 2020. Just write your name and age along with your parents’ contact info on the back of the coloring sheet and return to us by mail at P.O. Box 820, Hanapepe, HI 96816.

If you do not have a printer, you may stop by Storybook Theatre in Hanapepe to pick up your coloring sheets.

Russell Da Rooster Show

Join us for a very special show this month. It’s Mother’s Day in May and we wanted to remember a very awesome, sweet and dearly missed Aunty Jo Diotalevi. Aunty Jo also know as Russell’s mom takes us back in time and shares great memories. It was an amazing Mother’s Day. Also in celebration of Mother’s Day the Sacred Earth Choir sings The Lovin’ Song, a song about the earth and mothers. Peter Alsop sings I Want To Try It and Dad Threw The TV Out The Window. There is a couple more songs by our friends for you all to enjoy. We hope you guys enjoy and have a great Mother’s Day!

New RR’s YouTube Links

In this clip our really great friend James Twyman, Shares his very unique and beautiful way of singing the song “Amazing Grace”. We hope you all enjoy and share our clip with your friends and family.

Click on the link below to enjoy!

This Clip is a great Sing-A-Long. The Sacred Earth Choir sings “ The Lovin Song” By Samara Jade. This is an easy song to learn a great song to know and teach your friends and family. Just follow along with the lyrics at the bottom of the screen.

Click On Link Below To Enjoy!