Peace Garden

The Spark M. Matsunaga International Children’s Garden for Peace
is on a mission of peace education.

Download a full color brochure about the Garden here

While the Garden is a destination for island visitors and school age children to learn about the life of former Senator Sparky Matsunaga, a Hanapepe ‘Boy’, it also serves as a boutique outdoor garden setting for family and community events at a very reasonable cost. The Garden consists of a misted arbor entrance, an outdoor theater, several koi ponds with a decorative bridge, a tea house gazebo, and a pathway to a one of a kind sculpture of former Senator Matsunaga. The plant collection is a variety of native and exotic plants that complements the Peace Garden setting and adds so much to the color of your event.


How did Sparky get that name?
Born Masayuki Matsunaga, the beloved “Sparky” nickname was given to him by his elementary school friends during a friendly game of dodge ball. Though he loved to play, he was younger and smaller than the other boys, and he was often the first to be hit by the make-shift dodge ball. One day one of the older boys teased Masayuki: “Hey, you slower than `ol Sparky, the nag,” the namesake of a well-known, but slow, horse from the comic strip about two hillbillies, “Barney Google and Snuffy Smith.” Sparky liked the name so much that he legally added the designation to his birth name after WWII. He was forever known as Spark M. Matsunaga, and affectionately called “Sparky.”

How was Sparky inspired?
“I believe we have a duty to try to see beyond the cascading issues that engulf us daily, even while we are considering them.”

“If we emphasize the life and works of our greatest contributors, people will come to realize that moral courage is bravery of the highest type, and America will be called the Champion of Peace.‘”



 Uses of Sparky’s Garden

From Photography Shoots to Family Reunions, Sparky’s Garden is a beautiful location to hold your next event. The specially designed space holds up to 100 people in an outdoor environment that supports catered fundraising events, evening concerts, lectures, and much more. A full range of audio and video tech is available along with contacts with local musicians and caterers.

Weddings & Parties ($200)

The Garden at Storybook Theatre is specially designed to make your guests feel at home in an elegant outdoor surroundings at your event. The area is very photogenic with many angles of floral beauty and delightful statuary. A complete compliment of support is available from planning to photography. A very distinguished out-of-the-way Hawaiian location.


Theater & Concerts ($100)

Hula presentations, theatrical events, panel discussions, and musical concerts have all been successful, produced in Sparky’s Garden. The stage has just been outfitted with an outdoor sound system fully capable of recording and playback. The LED lighting system is compatible with any staged event with comfortable outdoor seating for up to 60 audience members.


Schools & Non-Profit Groups ($50)

Educational Conferences, Workshops, Community Meetings, and Scholarly Presentations, fit comfortably within Sparky’s Garden and our indoor theater and classroom. With full media capability in every room and access to bathrooms, and a food prep area, Storybook is a unique location for a wide variety of not-for- profit events such as Dances for Universal Peace, Travelogues. Christmas Concerts, Storytelling,Art Classes and Environmental Education Activities for children and youth.