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Evelyn Roth’s Fabric Art Classes!!

Evelyn Roth Returns to Storybook Theatre on June 8th to Celebrate World Ocean’s Day!! You will also get a chance to learn how to make your own inflatable Creature with from Evelyn June 6 – June 26. Enjoy an exceptional personal instruction in Fabric Arts!! 

Call Storybook Theatre 808-335-0712 leave your contact information.


Silkie & Russell’s Wedding!!

Chicken Skin Feelings  All Around !! At Silkie & Russell’s Wedding  !! Seen On Local TV During the Month of May! Or watch the show right here in our media gallery!

Russell Da Rooster Show #68

On this episode we feature great storytellers – Uncle Mark Jeffers shares a couple of poems he learned from his friend named Floating Eagle Feather, Susan Dierker reads the book Albatross Of Kaua`i. Our last guess Carol Peacock picked a book called Kaua`i Kitty Adoption of Antonio. We hope you enjoy these stories as much as we do!