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January – Art Classes

DOE January Afternoon ArtAloha kakou! We at the Storybook Theatre of Hawaii are having a Super Fantastic line up of art making and fun learning actives for the keiki of all ages. We would like to encourage imagination and let the children express themselves through the wonders of art. So come on down and allow your child(ren) to explore their creative side and see what kinds of things they come up with!

Art & Puppetry Day Camp

Do you like art? We at The Storybook Theatre of Hawaii just loves art. We enjoy art so much that we will be having art classes with Kumu Caylin Spear, Kumu Mark Jeffers and the one and only Russell Rooster! We will have some visual arts, drawing, painting, and even some puppet making magic. The classes starts Monday Dec. 28th until Thursday Dec. 31st so call and enroll today! The remarkable pieces of arts and joyful faces will top off the year with priceless moments!PUPPETRY FLYER

Children’s Corner Bookstore – Expression Session Dec. 19, 2015


E komo mai! We at Storybook Theatre of Hawaii welcomes you along with  your family and friends to join us this weekend as we learn how fun fruits and veggies can really be. We will also be customizing reusable gift bags for that special someone on your christmas list. Gifts made from the hearts of our little ones! After a little snack and break we will end with great local stories that inspires and expands the minds our keikis. Hope to see you all there!!!December 19th PRomo __$

Children’s Corner Bookstore – Expression Session Dec. 12, 2015

The Storybook Theatre will be hosting two sessions of music and literary art activities for Children. From 10 – 12pm we welcome children and parents to enjoy live storytelling and actor improvisations with Russell Rooster and special guest, renown comedian Mr. Edward Ka`ahead of Booga Booga fame. And at 1 – 3pm will be spotlight music and yoga therapy with Michael and Carrie Fox. This weekend is also a live audience studio recording session for the Russell Da Rooster Show, so we hope to see you there and soon after on our local t.v show. DEC 12th PROMO _$