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Santa's Quiz from Children's Earth Count on KKCR


Here they are, keeds.  Do your best and be sure to tune in next week to see how you did.  Good Luck!


1.  Who Wrote "How the Grinch Stole Christmas?

Dr. Seuss
2.  Which of Santa's Reindeer is first alphabetically?


3.  What red blooming plant originated in Mexico?


4.  What is the biggest selling Christmas Song of all time?

White Christmas by Bing Crosby
5.  What do the words "Stille Nacht" mean?

Silent Night


1.   What is the birth sign of a person born on Dec. 25th?


2.  What is the first name of the gaurdian angel in "It's a Wonderful Life"?


3.   Name the wise man who brought the gift of gold for baby Jesus?


4.   Provide the next rhyming line "At Christmas play and make good cheer"

"For Christmas comes but once a year"

5.   How many elves do I have?



1.   How long does it take me to make my magical journey?

2.  Name my reindeer.

3.  Why Does Rudolph have a red nose?

4.   What color are my reindeer?

5.   What are some of my elves names?