Hanapepe Artist Cooperative


The Lovely Marie Acosta, an accomplished photographer & craftsperson of beautiful locally originated handbags & jewelry, admires an Indigo dyed shaw by long time Kaua'i 'Artist in Residence' Amber Talent in front of the Hanapepe Family Tree. Every Friday Night 'Art Night' the Hanapepe Artist's Cooperative is on deck presenting there finest 'New Creations' for visitor and local alike who appreciate fine arts in there homes for family and friends to admire.  Come visit Storybook Theatre every Friday for your choice of Kauaian Crafts from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm.   

Marine Eco Tour 2019 – Melody & Harmony’s Excellent Adventure!

Touring Island Schools in 2019!

Tour Dates: Moloka'i Jan. 23 - 25th, Maui Feb. 25 - Mar. 8th, Big Island Mar.25 - Apr. 5th, Oahu Apr. 15 - 26th, and Kauai Feb. - May. For more information contact Cap'n Mark at 335-0712 or email director@storybook.org

Hanapepe History Day!


Come and enjoy a day of Hanaqpepe History,  Saturday January 19th 2019 from 9:00am till 2:00pm. The day will be filled of special guess, great history stories of the town and it's people, guided walks to several abandoned Plantation Camps and a great lunchtime meal. For more information please check out the flyer or call Storybook Theatre at 335-0712.

Russell Da Rooster Chicken Pic Contest Winner!


Congratulation! Makaya Kaduce is the winner of our $25 Monthly Cash Prize and will be eligible for our 2018 Grand Prize of $200 awarded in January 2019. Special Mahalo for everybody who sent us their Chicken Pics! Stay Tuned For Our Grand Prize Winner!

Russell Da Rooster Show#78


In this show we get a visit from our friends the HICCUP Circus! They are an awesome circus arts team of youth from the Big Island who love to perform and show off their skills. Learn more about the HICCUP Circus as Uncle Mark interviews their director Tristan Graham who talks story about their history and introduces the members of the team. You’ll also enjoy the original team performing in Hanapepe in 1999 and you’ll even be able to follow along and learn some of their juggling skills in 4 easy lessons taught on the show. We hope you enjoy and share this video with your friends and family.

Russell Da Rooster Show #77


Splash on in as we enjoy one of our awesome event, the Worlds Ocean Day 2018. Filled with amazing keiki parades, inspiring guess speakers, a visit into the shark, the cuties keiki interviews, and much more for all to enjoy watching. Check out the url below and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel to see our latest updates!

Russell Da Rooster 2018 Christmas Special


Join Russell, Calvin, Santa and the Larry Rivera Family for the Spectrum Christmas Marathon. A very special Christmas special filled with christmas music, stories, joy and more. You can check out the Url below to watch on the go! Also don’t forget to Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for the latest updates!

RR December Chicken Pic’s Contest

Kaua`i is home for the wild chickens. You see them from mauka to makai and even in our shopping malls. So, we at the Storybook Theatre of Hawaii home of Russell Da Rooster will be having a monthly contest for the best wild chicken picture you can capture. Pictures will be judged by their clarity and artistic merit.

Start Date: Dec. 5, 2018 Last Day To Enter: Dec. 26, 2018 Winner Announced: Dec. 31, 2018


Must be our friend on Facebook. *(If not, no problem just add us) Must include this #rrchixpixcontest Must be a picture taken by you of a chicken on Kaua`i.

For more information Call 808-335-0712 Daytime hours

RR November Chicken Pic Contest Winner!

Konane Henline is the winners of our $25 Monthly Cash Prize and will be eligible for our 2018 Grand Prize of $200 awarded in January 2019. Special Mahalo for everybody who sent us their Chicken Pics! Try Again in December!

2019 Marine Eco Tour Dates

Check out flyer to see when we will be near your school to book a visit with our Marine Eco Tour! A whale, seal, or shark could be swimming to your school soon!